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Resource – SpACE Peer Assessment

Having shared ACE peer assessment, I was recently introduced to a step up on the concept. Taking ACE to SpACE simply by adding spelling to the assessment criteria thanks to Kim (@HecticTeacher) for the inspiration to step it up.


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Resource – Rural to Urban Migration in China

This morning I started planning a lesson on rural to urban migration within China for KS3. I decided I wanted them to do mystery card sort and questions in order to work out push and pull factors related to the case study.

However I decided against it and went for an activity whereby they will be creating the resource. The aim of the activity is not just for them to understand the push and pull factors for rural to urban migration in China but to also be able to pick out key information from text, summarise that information and consider the application of the information in order to create a set of relevant questions.

I’m using the Rural to urban Migration – Mind Movie resource form the RGS as the basis of the task. Students are going to use a computer room to create their card and question sheets.


To bring it all together and to assess their understanding the students will have an 8 mark question to answer in which they will come up with the success criteria along with a set of mystery cards from another group of students.

What do you think? Done anything similar?

Mrs Humanities

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#TMWealdGeog – 09/02/17


July 2016, over 40 teachers of geography turned up at Skinners’ School, Tunbridge Wells to discuss teaching geography. For me, it was one of the highlights of Term 6.

Guess what, it’s happening again in February (just days after my birthday). This time we’ll be focusing on fieldwork within the new GCSE and A-level specifications.


To start with there will be 45 minutes of presentations from geographers and educators, followed by a 45 minutes breakout session before 15 minutes of so of networking.

During the breakout sessions, teachers will split into groups based upon the GCSE or A-level specs they are teaching. Experiences, good practice and ideas will be shared.

Finally we might make our way to the local bar for a bit of social networking.

If you’re located in the South of England, Kent, East Sussex, Surrey, South London or South Essex feel free to head over to the Geographers in the Weald site to find out more and to sign up.




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Resource – Biome Backpacks

A few months ago I saw a great post on twitter on Biome Backpacks, in fact it was this one below….

At the time I was teaching ecosystems and biomes, so thought I’d give it a go. It was a really simple activity to set up. I actually limited the students to 10 items to really get them thinking about what would be important for their survival.


The students loved it. The activity encouraged them to think critically about the environment they had chosen, in particular the plants, the animals and the climate they would face. The activity required them to explain and justify their choices but also gave them the opportunity for some creativity; I particularly liked the example of “I wouldn’t take anything, just Steve Backshall” I couldn’t complain with that. Whilst I can’t show you examples of my students work here are some examples from twitter.

Thank you @LDNHumsTeacher for the original idea.

How else could you use this simple idea?

Mrs Humanities

#Teacher5aday Pledges 2017



If you are interested in supporting the fundraising I will be undertaking whilst I walk (I really mean hike) my 300 miles over the year, please visit my fundraising page to contribute. Thanks.

Best wishes for the 2017!