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Resource – Population Study Mat

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population matMy year 10’s have all come from a variety of different secondary schools before joining ours in September. As a result it is a struggle finding out what they do and don’t know for each topic. Usually it is very varied and often I find quite a significant number have very patchy KS3 knowledge of Geography.  Therefore much of the time I have to teach KS3 content before I can move on to teaching the KS4 content – not great when there is such depth and breadth required by the specification and only 2 hours a week to teach the course.

For the next 3-4 weeks we are studying population dynamics. To speed things up a bit I’ve created this Population Study Mat. Each pupil will have a copy of the double sided mat with key terms and helpful hints to use each lesson.


I’m encouraging them to make use of revision sites at home so have used images that would be familiar to them. These are not my own images hence why I have included the original source.

In the downloadable version I’ve removed the images but you could easily add your own.

download population mat

Click the image to download the word document

Hope you can make use of it.

Mrs Humanities


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