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Week 1 – #Teacher5aday Digital Skill Share Round Up

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We’ve had a lovely start to the first week of the #teacher5aday skill share.

I’ve learnt a number of new skills already.

Firstly I kicked off the week with a crafty example, chalkboard storage jars, suitable for the classroom.


Next came a really easy to follow video from @rondelle10_b on how to create a video from PowerPoint. How I’ve never thought of doing this before I don’t know. The video is super easy to follow, so much so I had my student’s use it as part of a classroom activity this week. Next step think of some uses for this. 


Now on to basic Makaton signs courtesy of Joe White, I had a go at these on the train back from a Teach Meet. I seemed to get a few odd looks and nobody replied *sad face*. The video again is easy to follow and a useful skill to have. Joe later shared with me a further video of colleagues taking the skill share on board whereby they created a further tutorial of Makaton signs.


After a few practical skills during the week, the weekend had pathed the way for some time consuming crafts. This tutorial from Kerry Tait on English Paper Piecing shows us how to sew a hexie flower. As a former crafter I was intrigued by this skill offer as I’d never come across English Paper Piecing before; the tutorial lays out step by step the process with images to help. It’s a really lovely craft that could easily be done in front of the TV after an evenings marking session.


Thank you all for the contributions this week.

Next week you have skills from fabulous @rondelle10_b and @MrsPert1 as well myself to to look forward to.

If you have a skill to #volunteer, no matter how big or small then join the #teacher5aday digital skill share. Find out more here.

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