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Developing Independent Learners – Seating Plans


This week I’ve tried out having KS3 create their own seating plan based upon their understanding of the work from the previous lesson.

I’ve split the room into 4 group tables, each with a different level of understanding identified. tables

I explained to my year 8’s that they would choose the table they were to sit on based upon their understanding of the work from the previous week.

superconfidentDescription – I have a thorough understanding of the work we covered last week and am happy to move on to the next aspect of the topic independently.

confidentDescription – I am confident in my understanding of the work we covered last week, I’m happy to move on but please check in with me during the lesson.

gettingthereDescription – I mostly understand the work from last week, but could I just spend some time going over it before I move on to this week’s work.

needhelp Description – I wasn’t in last week so I need to catch up on the work before I move on or I really didn’t understand what we covered and would like your help.

My learners decided upon where they should sit, during the lesson as their understanding developed they moved tables.

I’ll be encouraging the ‘Super Confident’ learners to support the ‘Getting there’ learners at the start of the lesson whilst I support those on the ‘Missed the lesson or Need Help’ table.

I’m trialing this approach with two classes, both year 8 whilst I also try two different approached to teaching the classes to develop independence in their learning.

Reflection Week 1 – So far so good. Most pupils were honest with their understanding of the previous lessons work, some I will direct next week to where I think they should be and they can then move up once I am confident in their understanding.

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