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Resource – Hexagon Revision Tasks



After making the suffragette market place and visual hexagon activity yesterday, I realised how easy visual hexagons were to make.

In the final week of this term year 11 are doing some revision, after a suggestion from Mr Logue I thought I’d make a a visual hexagon activity to go along with the other tasks I have created to help them revise the current topic on the Economic Change.

changing economy

I then got a bit carried away and started making a few more. I figured I could add them as a revision resource to the GCSE Help Yourself Resource Display. I’ve not used them in class before but I imagine they are a productive revision tool, so it won’t be wasted time.

I thought I’d shared what I’ve created with you, simply go to the dropbox to access & download them.

The ones I’ve made are based around the content of the Edexcel B Geography Spec, but I’m sure they would be applicable to others.

I’ll add more as I make them. Please feel free to add your own.Mrs Humanities

Note: Visual Hexagon Inspiration from JIVESPIN

Note: I do not own the copyright to the images within the hexagons; to find the source of images please click the image in the document.



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6 thoughts on “Resource – Hexagon Revision Tasks

  1. Love the hexagon tasks – could be applied to so many topics. Where can I go to find out more?
    Do you compile the images yourself or have you used them from elsewhere? Do you have task instructions to accompany them? HOw do you get the images into the shape?
    Thanks! Love it!


    • Hi, I just Google suitable images, save them and insert into the hexagons. I then just hyperlink the image source to the hexagon.

      To add the pictures draw the hexagon word, click on shape fill and fill the hexagon with a picture. In the Easter break I’ll make a quick tutorial video. Hope that helps for now.


    • Hi Emma, I’ve just created a simple how to post for you.

      Hope it helps.


  2. Hi Victoria,
    I love your restless earth visual hexagons but it doesn’t appear to be in your drop box folder. Please can you add it or send it to me? I have created a population one that I’m happy to share in return.


  3. Thank you!


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