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The end of January saw the introduction of the #teacher5adaybuddybox . It’s been a great success so far with over 70 volunteers.

The best part by far has been seeing the amazing boxes people have sent out, each with a range of things to brighten up the day of their #wellbeing buddy.

Here are some of them so far




Even seen a teacher or two enjoying their well deserved treats

And a few sneak peeks to get excited about…


I’m truly flabbergasted at the generosity of those taking part. Not only are they spending money on their buddy but they’re spending time thinking about them, connecting with them and volunteering their time and effort on someone that (in most cases) they don’t know in person. Very generous.

The hour or so I spend on a Saturday morning matching people up is definitely worth it, especially when I see the tweets from those that have received their bit of wellbeing snail mail and are truly delighted.

Thank you so much everybody that has sent a #teacher5adaybuddybox so far, I’m incredibly grateful as are your buddies.

Thank YOU (1)

If I’ve missed anyone off that has tweeted a picture of a box they have sent or received, please do let me know I’d hate to miss anyone.

And remember if you’re tweeting about please include #teacher5adaybuddybox so I can add new tweets to the post.

If you’d like to join in, it’s not too late. Read this post to find out more and head here to sign up. 

Again thank you to everyone that has taken part so far, you’re truely awesome!



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5 thoughts on “#Teacher5adaybuddybox

  1. I am really amazed at what a difference it makes having a buddy! I’ve always loved giving and sending presents – for me, the reactions are reward enough, even without receiving anything back. But I’ve noticed that I have my eyes open now when I walk through town, instead of hurrying through, head own… And why? Because I’m always on the lookout for goodies to out in my buddy box to sent to my buddy!! What a great feeling being able to surprise someone and make their day! And if I feel this great conning with someone I’ve not met…. Imagine the power of small surprise gifts or cards t the colleagues, friends & family closer to home!!

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    • Sorry… Autocorrect made some nonsense for me there!! *head down, *put in, *to send to, *connecting, *cards to


    • Hi Clare, I’m so pleased to have you involved and enjoying it. It’s just like having a ‘wellbeing’ pen pal. It’s a great feeling knowing you’ve brightened somebodies day.

      I love that it is helping you as well as your buddy. You both make a great team despite being miles apart.

      Thank you for your message!

      Can’t wait for more updates 🙂

      Look after yourself x

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  3. Thanks for the postt


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