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Taster Day Activities

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Taster Day ActivitiesThis afternoon I was for asked any ideas for a year 6 taster day lesson. I scratched my head for the things I’ve done in the past for such events.

I haven’t had to organised taster activities for two years now and at my previous school we did what the head of department had organised so I thought… what would I do?

My thoughts were as follows

a) It has to be something that gives the students a taste of what to expect once they arrive in September.
b) It has to be linked to what they will study in the future.
c) It needs to be engaging but challenging.

So here are my top three ideas for a Geography taster session

1. Design your own flag
– This activity involves students looking at flags from around the world and discovering the meaning behind some of them, followed up by designing their own flag to represent them. These flags can be shared with the group to give an insight to the personalities of these new students.

2. Build a Landscape
– This ideally involves using play dough to recreate a famous landscape or landmark. Students in small groups or pairs are given a picture of a famous landscape or landmark and their challenge is to recreate it using the play dough or other materials. Students can then try to guess the landscape/landmark or try to match the images to the creations.

3. Postcard home
– This activity involves smalls groups being provided with a small range of items from a particular place, a country or landmark. These items could include an information sheet, key facts, photos, physical goods etc. The students use the items to create an interpretation of the place in order to write a postcard home telling their family/friends all about it. Students could them locate the postcards on a world map.

How do you give a taster of your subject to the new in take?

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One thought on “Taster Day Activities

  1. Great ideas! We use our time with year 6s to teach atlas skills. We have a list of 26 clues with the answers for each clue starting with A through to Z. They use the atlas to find the answers. Lots of resources available if you google A-Z geography scavenger hunt. We theme ours around the Ancient World, the first year 7 history topic.


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