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Resource – Biome Backpacks

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resourceA few months ago I saw a great post on twitter on Biome Backpacks, in fact it was this one below….

At the time I was teaching ecosystems and biomes, so thought I’d give it a go. It was a really simple activity to set up. I actually limited the students to 10 items to really get them thinking about what would be important for their survival.


The students loved it. The activity encouraged them to think critically about the environment they had chosen, in particular the plants, the animals and the climate they would face. The activity required them to explain and justify their choices but also gave them the opportunity for some creativity; I particularly liked the example of “I wouldn’t take anything, just Steve Backshall” I couldn’t complain with that. Whilst I can’t show you examples of my students work here are some examples from twitter.

Thank you @LDNHumsTeacher for the original idea.

How else could you use this simple idea?

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