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Resource – IBDP Geography Case Study Revision Booklets


resourceAfter the success of the GCSE case study and exam question booklets, I’ve set out making similar resources for my IB students. So far the booklet/s consist of case study template sheets. As more sample papers and exam papers become available I will start adding exam questions to the booklets.

The booklets start by outlining the case studies and examples required by the IB specification.

page 1

And they are then followed by a series of case study template sheets for students to complete as part of the review and revise process.

page 5

page 12

Eventually exam questions will be added for students to apply their knowledge to.

For a copy of the booklets, click the relevant link below.

Paper 1 Option B – Oceans and Coastal Margins
Paper 2 – Unit 1: Changing Population
Paper 2 – Unit 2: Global Climate

In Progress – Whole Course Case Study and Exam Question Booklet

As I complete the others they will be added.

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3 thoughts on “Resource – IBDP Geography Case Study Revision Booklets

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  2. Thank you so much for these, they have formed a fantastic starting block and for Unit 1 a massive time saver! I have been adapting to the case studies we’ve used at our school and have also made templates for Option D and Option E as we teach these rather than Oceans. Now to work on the HL ones… Thanks again!


    • Great to hear they’ve been of use and thanks for the reminder to update this with the ones I’ve done since. Would you be happy to share your HL ones please? I don’t teach that part of the course but I know my students would benefit from them. If you’re happy to could you please email them to Understand if you can’t.


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