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Resource – Assessment for Learning Booklet AQA Geography


resourceI’ve previously shared with you all the AfL grids my department and I use with our GCSE students which our students use to assess their understanding of the content before and after the topic. They also enable students to track their progress.

We make use of ‘PPQs’ also known as past paper questions. These are mostly taken from the AQA sample papers but we have also used a number of relevant questions from past papers.

Rather than printing off each set of PPQs as and when required, this year to help our students to become more independent in the learning process I’ve created an assessment for learning booklet.

These booklets contain both the AfL grids and the PPQs which will be completed over the course. Some times PPQs are completed in class, other times for homework.

booklet pages

My plan is that as we cover the content, students can start to answer the PPQs when they are ready to do so. A deadline for submitting the PPQs will be set as we undertake the topic so students have a deadline to work to.

You can download a copy of it by clicking the button below.

download here

Updated version here 

Feedback welcomed.

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10 thoughts on “Resource – Assessment for Learning Booklet AQA Geography

  1. Love this! Simple enough for the pupils to understand and to use effectively!

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  2. Like the grouping together of past and sample paper questions. Have you also created mark schemes/model answers for pupils to use to fill in the gaps they have in their knowledge? Are they aware of the different weightings of the AOs for the 4, 6 and 9 mark questions?


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  5. I really like this resource, I am trying to figure out how to best use it in our department. I am a new HoD and I am trying to figure out a way in which our end of unit tests are already planned out for us in the year to save us time.

    We have done coasts rather than glaciers, I was wondering if you had a copy which I could edit rather than a PDF so I could match the booklet our version of the spec? No worries if not very cheeky of me to ask! Do you do a separate end of topic test or by working through each PPQ is this used as the end of unit test instead?

    Many Thanks



    • If you save the PDF, go to it in the folder, right click and select ‘Open with’, select ‘Word’ it converts to a word document.

      We complete an end of topic test which is 2-3 weeks after the end of the topic to allow forgetting and revision so it’s a better reflection on what they learnt and not just what they remembered from recent weeks.


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