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Resource – IB Geography Inquiry Booklets Core Unit 1


After teaching the new specification in full, I could see the bigger picture a lot clearer. After reflection and much consideration I decided that I’d try to split the core into theory and then located inquiries.

In January we started the first of the core topics – Unit 1 Changing Population. I started the topic by introducing the theory required on global trends, predictions and momentum, demographic transition, development indicators and dependency ratios.

We then moved onto our first case study, China. Through exploring China we covered the following course content

  • Demographic Transition
  • Population Problems
  • Population Policies
  • Urbanisation
  • Megacity growth
  • Forced migration and internal displacement
Booklet 1 – China

The booklets contains everything the students need – an outline of the course content covered, the statement of inquiry, list of key terminology, outline of geographical theory and activities to undertake along with videos, articles, case study templates, things to discuss, images etc.

Page 1 – Statement of Inquiry, Course Content and Geographical Terminology
Geographical Theory and Activities
Activities associated with theory

Each located inquiry starts with a section on background information to provide students with insight into the development and demographics of the named country; providing students with a sense of place and ability to compare.

From China and Singapore we moved onto demographic dividends, gender equality and anti-trafficking. Each starting in the same way, content covered, theory and then located examples.

We looked at South Korea as our located example for demographic dividend followed by gender equality in India and Syria for anti-trafficking.

Demographic Dividend Booklet
Gender Equality and Anti-Trafficking Booklet


The students engaged well with the content and the booklets, my only issue with it was getting my head around how to teach using booklets instead of PowerPoint slides. It’s slightly harder as students work through the content at different paces and thus when there is something I wish to go through before they move on I have to stop the whole class to discuss it, to watch the videos etc. even if some haven’t finished the previous task. I have to consider how to get around this.

One of the main issues being that some students choose to use a digital device and thus have access to the booklet in the lesson, whilst others don’t so printing of the main resources (news articles etc.) has been required. It’s not an issue at all just that I need to remember to print off the articles and other vital resources.


And now the part that is of most use to you. A link to the documents for download. Simply click here to download all the resources for IBDP19 Core Unit 1 – Changing Population.

Climate Change is currently in progress and will be added to the site when complete.

Hope you can find the resources of use.

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9 thoughts on “Resource – IB Geography Inquiry Booklets Core Unit 1

  1. Hi Victoria,

    Thank you for sharing this! I inherited IB Geography when I switched from the UK to an International School, having never heard of the IB Curriculum. I really appreciate you taking the time to share this resource. I think it is a brilliant way to engage the students learning and understanding.

    Thank you again.


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  2. This is cool. Very able to be used in a mastery setting – I’m a science teacher myself – but this format is excellent. Also, always makes me happy to see the open sharing.


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  4. Hi Victoria,

    Trying to use these resources (they look great!) but I can’t seem to find them on your site. The Drive link that you have in this post leads to a folder that is empty.

    Thanks in advance for your help!


    • It would seem the access rights have been changed. Currently sick but as soon as I’m back at a computer I’ll try to sort that.


    • Hi Chris, I’ve checked the permissions and they all seem to be fine. You should see three folders – one for population, one for climate and one for resources. The first two units I’ve uploaded the resources for but the resources one I haven’t completed yet. Feel free to email me at if you are unable to see the 3 folders. Victoria


  5. I am brand new to the world of IB and I cannot express how helpful all of these resources are. Thank you.


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