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A Kind Request – Please vote for Mrs Humanities in the UK Blog Awards

I’m super excited to be nominated for the UK Blog Awards for the third time. In order to make it through the finals, I need a little help from you lovely readers. 

If you wouldn’t mind from now (14th November) until the 21st December could you please take a moment or two to vote for Mrs Humanities. The entry is under my ‘real’ name Victoria Hewett. 

To vote simply click here, find my name (Victoria Hewett) and click on the red heart.  If you like you can read my entry information by clicking on the “i“. 

*Please note, there is only one vote per person per category, so pick me (please) 🙂 

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A massive thank you from me in advance! 


Mrs Humanities


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Resource – Welcome to GCSE Geography

Yesterday I shared this post on twitter and since then I’ve had a number of requests for a copy of the document.

I’ve amended it slightly to make it more generic and adaptable for other schools to make use of.

welcome to GCSE Geograpy #AQAGeography

You can download a copy by clicking the button below.

download here

Don’t forget I’ve also uploaded a range of revision materials for students and teachers to make use of.

Resource – How to Revise in Geography
Resource – Assessment for Learning Booklet AQA Geography
Resource – GCSE Case Study and Exam Question Revision Booklet
Resource – AQA Revision Booklet adaption by @MrTomlinsonGeog

Hope you can make use of this resource and the others.

Best wishes,

Mrs Humanities



Resource: Engaging with Research Action Planning Sheet

engage with research (1)Recently I put a shout out to see if anyone had an action plan template to support teachers to engage with research. After having little luck I decided to make my own.


To start with the user should consider what they want to achieve exactly to develop the ‘big picture’. Next link that to the school or subject development plan.

Baseline indicators are anything that would provide a base line to measure from such as student starting points, progress data, attitude to learning scores/grades or confidence levels. Anything that helps the user to measure success or impact.

The measures of success are simply what the user will measure afterwards to demonstrate an impact.

This is followed by identifying areas of further investigation such as theories, case studies or ideas. This section encourages the user to consider who may be able to help them find out more and the variety of sources that could be used.

The final section is the research journey an outline of what will be implemented, tested and how it will be carried out before an outline of the expected results.

Here’s mine for my PD research this year:


If you’d like a copy click the download button below.

download here


Hope you can make use of it.

Mrs Humanities





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Resource – Lagos Redevelopment DME

resourceA simple activity that stimulates students abilities to make informed decisions in preparation for AQA Paper 3. Students are given resources on the redevelopment of the waterfront of Lagos in order to make a decision on whether the waterfront redevelopment should take place. After discussion students answer the exam style question.


There are a wide range of videos that could be shown to the class alongside the resources to develop their understanding of the redevelopment.

Some suggestions include

EKO ATLANTIC Lagos Nigeria. Whats Inside??

Residents of Nigeria’s floating slum thrive

Lagos: Evicted slum-dwellers demand right to return

Download the resources by clicking below.

download here


Mrs Humanities

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Resource – Be the IDEAL Geographer

resourceAt the start of the academic year, in the first lesson I like to give a brief introduction of myself to my classes, a little about me and my expectations of them. The register is taken and then straight on with setting them up for learning.

One of the things I go through in my introductions are expectations, those I have of them and that they should have of themselves.

I haven’t changed my introduction for the last 2 years so thought I’d change things a little, thus came up with ‘Be the IDEAL Geographer’. I’m figuring that across the key stages I can make reference to it regularly, are you being an IDEAL Geographer?


Any way, it’s one of those resources that can easily be amended to suit your school or other disciplines, scientist, historian, mathematician etc. So here is an editable version for you. Click on the image below to download it.

download here

Please do share your recreations of it via twitter or share a link to it in the comments.

(Note: The comment on inquiry questions is associated with the IB curriculum. More info on ACE discussions/questionning here)

Mrs Humanities



Resource – Road to Aspiration

resourceA little idea for form time to get students considering where they want to go this year, to question there aspirations and goals and to consider how they will get there.


The road to aspiration resource can be used in a variety of ways from verbal discussion to reflective journal. I’ve not thought that far ahead yet, so can’t tell you how I’ll be using it just yet but thought I’d share in case if inspires others.

Hope you like it, if you’re inspired to create something similar, please share your creations. Always love to see and share them.

Mrs Humanities


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Mrs Humanities shares… 10 fantastic displays for the Humanities

mrs humanities shares

Twitter has been alive with incredible display material this August. To some degree it scares me that people are working so hard during the break but then I remember what I was like the first few years and my concerns turn to ensuring these people don’t burn out.

Since so many of them are sending lots of people direct messages or replies with links in, I thought one way to help would be to collate some of the incredible display material in one place.

All the credit goes to the creators mentioned.

In no particular order then

1 // Stretch and Challenge Geography Display from @mrsrgeog

Nice little display piece to develop geographical thinking. Could easily be adapted for other Humanities subjects. Resources can be downloaded from here

be a better geographer

2 // 100 Women from @sehartsmith 

Influenced by September 2018’s edition of BBC History Magazine, Sarah decided to create a display on ‘100 Women Who Changed The World’. Here’s a link to her initial inspiration


Sarah has used @missgeog92 ‘s idea of the ‘Hello, my name is…’ badges to create the display. For all the resources visit Sarah’s blog S E HARTSMITH HISTORY.

100 women

3 // Histagram classroom display template and significance task from @MrJPteach 

A neat little display of ‘histagrams’ to challenge or extend students. The resources provide a template to create your own as well as ready-to-go ‘histragrams’. You can download the resources here.


Also check out Jack’s other display materials here.

4 // Extra Reading from @EduCaiti 

A great little idea, inspired by @Jennnnnn_x. An idea that can be easily adapted to any subject. This one has been put up in the corridor to help tackle corridor misdemeanours.

extra reading

You might also fancy these ideas from @EduCaiti for inspiration

5 // Geography Menus from @MsGallagher92 

Not quite a display but material that can be displayed. Gina has produced support menus for her students. They can be downloaded from here.

6 // Geography Case Studies from @siddons_r

It has never occurred to me to use a display board for case study content. Here’s a way to say you some work if you’re a Geographer or to inspire your subject content displays in other subjects. Resources can be found here



7 // Support for Success Tabletop Displays from @Mrs_Educate 

Inspired by the work of others Laura has created a set of table top displays to support literacy and extended writing tasks. Her resources are created for the RE classroom but again are easily adaptable. You can download her resources here.

8 // Wonders of the World from @mrsgeogs

Create some awe and wonder in the classroom with @mrsgeogs display. Resources can be found here.

where in the worldKeeping with the worldly theme with her golden globes reward display. 

golden globe

9 // GCSE Command Terms from @Jennnnnn_x

Although from Geography, these lovelies can be easily amended to other humanities subjects (and further afield). You can download the resources here.


Photo – @Jennnnnn_x

Here’s a close up from @GeoBlogs 


10 // Plenary Cards from @MissKDeighan

Great for a finished board for any subject area. 45 plenary task cards for you to download and use. You can download the resources here.

plenary cards

And here are some of mine you might also find useful

‘Help yourself’ display and station

I wanted to get this post finished after trying to get it done for several days, so I decided I’m adding mine. It is simple, students help themselves to the resources as and when they need them. I don’t have a photo of my current displays unfortunately (will update in the new school year).

GCSE display

You can download my help yourself resources here

Finished Board

I’ve categorised the tasks into those that extend learning, assess learning or encourage reflection on the learning process.  Along with other ideas such as the roll a plenary and peer assessment support. This is an old display and it has since been updated and improved but you can download the resources here. Scroll to the bottom of the post.

plenary display board

Hope there is something of use to you here to inspire you this new academic year.

(I hope to add more as people respond to messages)

Mrs Humanities


Resource – Assessment for Learning Booklet AQA Geography

resourceI’ve previously shared with you all the AfL grids my department and I use with our GCSE students which our students use to assess their understanding of the content before and after the topic. They also enable students to track their progress.

We make use of ‘PPQs’ also known as past paper questions. These are mostly taken from the AQA sample papers but we have also used a number of relevant questions from past papers.

Rather than printing off each set of PPQs as and when required, this year to help our students to become more independent in the learning process I’ve created an assessment for learning booklet.

These booklets contain both the AfL grids and the PPQs which will be completed over the course. Some times PPQs are completed in class, other times for homework.

booklet pages

My plan is that as we cover the content, students can start to answer the PPQs when they are ready to do so. A deadline for submitting the PPQs will be set as we undertake the topic so students have a deadline to work to.

You can download a copy of it by clicking the button below.

download here

Feedback welcomed.

Mrs Humanities



Mrs Humanities shares… 5 reasons to stay in teaching

mrs humanities shares

Teaching is an incredible job, yet so many of us are leaving or considering leaving the profession. The following post is a counterargument to my recent post on why teachers are leaving the profession. So here goes…

1 // The future needs responsible citizens

Somebody has to teach young people how to care for others, the planet and themselves. It seems that this has fallen on teachers more and more in the current political climate.

Fewer programmes and schemes are developed for young people outside of school to support their social development and greater emphasis is being placed on schools as the source of such knowledge and developments.

Over the past few years I’ve seen increasing numbers of young people engage in politics. The referendum to leave the EU seemed to be the initial introduction many of my former students needed to spark their interest. Since then the change in political powers and the rise of Trumpism and other forms of Nationalism has got the backs up of many students I never would have expected to be so concerned (even though they should be).

We need more young people to be the change they want to see in the world. We need to give them the knowledge and skills to be critical, to analyse and to think for themselves. To take action and to be proactive. I knew very little about the power of protest when I was in high school (yes, that’s what secondary was called in Wales), over the years that has changed with the influence of technology. We need to teach young people how to use activism and technology to change the world for the good, for they will be the future leaders.

If we can support this in schools, think of the world they might have at our age?

2 // Every day is different

I’m sure you’ve seen those cheesy ads for teaching with the sayings ‘no day is the same’ and ‘every day is different’. As cheesy as it is, it really is the truth. I expect one thing out of the day and I get something completely different. I go into a lesson with the plan in my head, inevitably something happens that changes the course of the lesson I had planned out. Students surprise you. They make you laugh. They make you cry. They make you angry and frustrated. They make you happy and joyful. A day never turns out how I might expect.

The old saying ‘variety is the spice of life’ is too true when it comes to teaching. Embrace every day and what it throws at you.

Will other careers give you this much variety on a day-to-day basis?

3 // The “ah I get it” moments

I love that moment when a student struggles and struggles some more, then all of a sudden it falls into place. They get it. They see the big picture and all the puzzle pieces that make it up. They understand. They feel accomplishment. They feel success.

Who doesn’t love those moments? Do you get those in other careers?

4 // Learning is fun

As lame as that sounds, I know I wouldn’t have continued to learn as much if I weren’t a teacher. Being a teacher keeps you learning. It provides the perfect opportunity to continue your professional and subject development.

I originally went into teaching with the aim to get a PGCE qualification in order to return to environmental education. My knowledge development I’m sure would have remained in that sector. Through teaching I’ve developed pedagogical knowledge, geographical knowledge, historical knowledge, computing knowledge and the list goes on…

You never stop learning as a teacher. You’re a learner for life.

5 // You can be a rebel, you can start the rebellion

Too many teachers feel they have little say in the day to day running of the school. True but you can have an impact in your classroom. Every little action is a step along the way. Take a stand. Be brave enough to say no if you feel it won’t benefit your learners.

The more people that stand up, the more noise we make. The more noise we make, the hard it is for leaders not to listen (this seems so applicable to wider society as well as the moment).

Don’t do things just because you feel you have to; unions are there to support you. We are adults, we are educated and we have the right to fight for what we believe in.

That goes to the leaders of schools as well. Stand up to the politicians, the so called “Ofsted want to see” and be brave enough to put your staff and students first.

What would you add to the list?

Mrs Humanities

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Resource – IBDP Geography Case Study Revision Booklets

resourceAfter the success of the GCSE case study and exam question booklets, I’ve set out making similar resources for my IB students. So far the booklet/s consist of case study template sheets. As more sample papers and exam papers become available I will start adding exam questions to the booklets.

The booklets start by outlining the case studies and examples required by the IB specification.

page 1

And they are then followed by a series of case study template sheets for students to complete as part of the review and revise process.

page 5

page 12

Eventually exam questions will be added for students to apply their knowledge to.

For a copy of the booklets, click the relevant link below.

Paper 1 Option B – Oceans and Coastal Margins
Paper 2 – Unit 1: Changing Population
Paper 2 – Unit 2: Global Climate

In Progress – Whole Course Case Study and Exam Question Booklet

As I complete the others they will be added.

Mrs Humanities