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News – #TMGeographyIcons Website


Behind the scenes lots of work has been going into organising the first and only full-day TeachMeet for Geography teachers by Geography teachers.


I’m so excited with what we are putting together for you. We’ve 2 great key note speakers, one is Alan Parkinson (@GeoBlogs), the second we are yet to announce. 


The next big piece of news is why I’m writing this post. We are finally ready to go live with our #TMGeographyIcons website.

On the site you will find key information including bios of our speakers and TeachMeet presenters, location details and all of our upcoming news.


There’s plenty to look forward to, so make sure you bookmark the first #TMGeographyIcons website.

You can also keep up-to-date with any announcements by following us on Twitter.

Hope to meet many of you on Saturday 23rd June.

Mrs Humanities





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#TMHistoryIcons 2017

This coming weekend I have the pleasure of presenting at #TMHistoryIcons again for the second year running. Last year’s conference was my first time presenting in front of other teachers and educators and it was insanely nerve wracking. Since then I’ve had more experience having led and presented at several teach meets and education conferences so hopefully the disco leg of nerves won’t be in attendance as well. I can’t wait.

Last year was incredibly exciting, so many ideas and lots of inspiration for both my history and geography teaching. Highlight last year was watching and meeting Russel Tarr, who totally lived up to expectations.

This year is just as exciting with Scott Allsop as the key note speaker. I love his ideas from last year and look forward to hearing him this year.


I feel a little bit of a fraud however since I no longer teacher History or Humanities, but I won’t mention that bit on the day. Anyway last year I came away with so many ideas to share and implement, I’m sure the same will happen this year so do keep an eye on my twitter feed throughout Saturday 1st April and the hastag #TMHistoryIcons

Last year I presented on ways of developing independence in the Humanities classroom. This year I still haven’t confirmed what I’ll be presenting on…. starters and plenaries? marking and feedback? learning activities? Ahhhh I don’t know, maybe I should get on with it. Maybe you could help me out and tell me what you would want to see? Suggestions welcomed.

I look forward to seeing lots of familiar and new faces.

For more information on #TMHistoryIcons head over the website

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#TMWealdGeog – 09/02/17


July 2016, over 40 teachers of geography turned up at Skinners’ School, Tunbridge Wells to discuss teaching geography. For me, it was one of the highlights of Term 6.

Guess what, it’s happening again in February (just days after my birthday). This time we’ll be focusing on fieldwork within the new GCSE and A-level specifications.


To start with there will be 45 minutes of presentations from geographers and educators, followed by a 45 minutes breakout session before 15 minutes of so of networking.

During the breakout sessions, teachers will split into groups based upon the GCSE or A-level specs they are teaching. Experiences, good practice and ideas will be shared.

Finally we might make our way to the local bar for a bit of social networking.

If you’re located in the South of England, Kent, East Sussex, Surrey, South London or South Essex feel free to head over to the Geographers in the Weald site to find out more and to sign up.