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Presentation Police 

I shared this idea today which I always do at the start of a new year. I continue it every lesson for the first term and then every now and then the rest of he year to keep students in heir toes. 
If  student doesn’t meet the expected presentation standards set by the school e.g. Writing the the date, title and L/O and then underlining it, Students receive a presentation warning. 

In my classroom this is simply a tally at the back of their book, however a ‘presentation ticket’ could easily be given. If my students are issued with 5 presentation warnings it results in a detention.

Here’s an outline of how it works

Students usually respond well their peers checking their work and presentation. 

Hope you like the ide? 

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Mrs Humanities

Introductions have never been my strong point. I usually forget to say my name or stutter when asked what I teach… why I don’t know. Online I can give all that a miss.

Like all good teachers I have learning objectives for this blog. Ha.

1// To share interesting and relevant articles, webpages, videos etc. to support the teaching of the Humanities including Geography, History, Citizenship, RE and Values.

2 // To provide links to relevant sites for further reading on topics.

3// To provide teaching resources for others to use in the teaching of Humanities subjects.


Often you will find I share my opinion of issues, this is solely my opinion and is not shared to cause offence. I will always offer links that provide research, evidence and information for both sides of any debates to enable readers to make up their own mind.  I am happy for readers to share their opinions but please remember that young people may read these pages and I wish for them to remain safe from inappropriate comments.

If you have any feedback or suggestions then please feel free to share.

I look forward to this learning adventure.


Mrs Humanities