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Resource – The ‘insert topic’ Spinner

After using this this resource The Rainfall Spinner , I’ve decided I need to find other uses for the ‘insert topic’ spinner.

I used the rainfall spinner as part of an observed lesson; it went down well,  meeting the desired ‘active learning’ requirements deemed essential in our school. Very positive feedback 🙂 from both the observer and the kids.

Here are  just 2 examples of the fantastic work produced by year 8 that went on display in the classroom (sorry for the poor photography, it’s not a strong point of mine).

topic spinner rainfall spinner

Recently I was really pleased to find that my spinner idea had inspired others, creative learning tweetCheck out these fantastic Energy Spinners from @misstait_85. Brilliant idea.

I can definitely see the potential for using spinners in other topics within Humanities and across the other subjects.

Now I’m plotting where to use them next…. perhaps year 7 for comparing natural hazards next term.

Suggestions welcomed!

Mrs Humanities



Resources – Weather and Climate- The Rainfall Spinner

Rainfall Spinner

One of my favourite topics has to be Weather and Climate. I find it fascinating and really want the pupils to see how much there is to discover about our weather and climate. I’ve become rather stuck at writing the Scheme of Work for this topic however, there’s too much I want to cover. Do I keep it to the processes and daily influence of weather? Do we look at global climates? Do we delve into the impacts of extreme weather? Should we approach climate change? Ahhh so many ideas, but only 7 weeks to cover the topic. I’ve tried to throw in a bit of everything. Once complete I will share the SOW with you, until then I will leave you with my Rainfall Spinner.

The idea of the Rainfall Spinner is to understand the 3 types of rainfall; relief, convectional and frontal. Firstly give an overview of the 3 rainfall types, in order to this I will be sharing this video with my HA students and this video with my LA. I will expect them to take notes as they watch the video, the LA pupils will be given a table with the 3 types and they  will then be expected to write down the appropriate details. Below you will find the  PowerPoint I will use to bring the tasks together but I have removed images so you may want to add some of your own.

The main part of the lesson will involve  the pupils creating a Rainfall Spinner  like the one below (hopefully theirs will be prettier than mine).step 12

To differentiate HA will be writing their own descriptions based on their understanding, MA will be completing the descriptions by inserting the missing words whilst the LA will be matching the descriptions to the diagram.

As the pupils then spin the top wheel it will display information about each type of rainfall alongside a diagram (if they complete it correctly).

I’m really excited about this idea and really  hope the pupils are engaged by it, I will post pictures of the pupils work once we enjoy the lesson next term.

To make your own click on the image below to download the instructions, descriptions in full and the descriptions for fill in the blanks. Since I do not own the copyright of the images I used, I’m afraid these have not been included but you can find them here.

Rainfall SpinnerDescriptionsFill in the blanksPowerpoint



I am happy for you to use and enjoy my resources, but please leave feedback. I like to know how they go so I can improve them further.

Here’s an example in action: 

Thanks and enjoy!

Mrs Humanities